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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Licensing consultation - have your say

As you may have seen there has been a change with regards to the current Licensing consultation and our existing policy will continue next year, with a new consultation to follow in 2016. We discussed licensing issues at length at July's ward forum. The main issues people raised were:
  • The significant negative impact the night time economy can have on residents living near and on the A10
  • Problems with specific venues that repeatedly breach the terms of their license, or planning conditions. 
  • A licensing process that is often intimidating for residents
  • Concerns about the effectiveness of enforcement activities
  • Lack of consistency between planning and licensing processes
The licensing policy that was being consulted on had some implications for Stoke Newington:

The proposal was also for a new borough wide hours policy – which would apply to new applications. These specify the expectations for opening times of different kinds of venues and premises - most notably midnight for pubs, clubs, bars etc in district and local centres. If an applicant wanted to be open for longer, they would have to be able to demonstrate need, and ability to manage any negative impacts.

No Special Policy Area was being proposed for Stoke Newington at the moment as the evidence from crime reports is not sufficient at the moment to support this.

Despite the announcement today it is still worth responding to the consultation before 14th August, and stressing what difference you think
 the borough wide hours policy might make. The results will be analysed and help to inform the next steps.
The consultation is here and the deadline is 14th August.

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