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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Update on removing the Stoke Newington one way system

We have argued for a long time that the one way system in Stoke Newington should be removed.

Many residents have told us that having one-way traffic in the heart of our town centre cuts our community in half, speeds up traffic, causes rat running on side roads and makes walking and cycling more difficult. 

The main roads that make up the one ways system are controlled by Transport for London. At first TfL were reluctant to priortise removing the Stoke Newington one way system. In 2011, Hackney Council carried out a consultation with local residents and businesses, which showed that there was clear local support for removing it. Since then, we have been working with TfL to keep the pressure on them to deliver road safety improvements to Stoke Newington.

There has been some recent progress that we’d like to update you on

In 2013, the Council commissioned transport consultants to develop a range of options for Stoke Newington that would improve the public realm, cycling, parking for businesses, improve public transport access and reduce rat running.

As a result of this work a number of options have been identified that will now be modelled:

  • Full two way working including Brooke Road
  • Two way working (except Evering and Manse Road) with Brooke Road one way eastbound
  • Two way working with buses and cyclists southbound only on the High Street between Evering Road and Church Street
Once the three options above have been modelled, one will be selected so that TfL can take this forward.

The Council lobbied for removing the one way system to be included in TfL’s Business Plan and for the funding to model the options above. The good news is that TfL have agreed to the scheme, it is in their Business Plan for 2016-22, and the focus now is on identifying the most feasible way to remove the one way system.

In addition TfL recently announced that there will be “an upgrade of the existing road layout to make it safer and more easier accessible for pedestrians and cyclists” in Stoke Newington. This will include a Quietway route parallel to the A10 which will help provide a feasible alternative for cyclists away from the main road.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hackney Labour's manifesto for 2014

On 22 May, residents in Stoke Newington will have the chance to vote in 3 elections - for the local council elections to choose three councillors to represent our ward; for the Mayor of Hackney, and for the European elections.

Hackney Labour has published our manifesto for 2014. You can download and read it here.

Since Jules Pipe was elected in 2002 and Labour gained control of previously hung and failing Hackney Council, Hackney Labour’s record is one of getting thousands of people into jobs; providing some of the best libraries, leisure facilities and parks; achieving some of the greatest school improvements in the country; keeping Hackney’s streets amongst the cleanest in London; and building more affordable housing than almost anywhere else in the UK. You can read more about how we've delivered our our pledges from 2010 here.

Our manifesto sets out how Hackney Labour will work to secure the best outcomes for all residents living in the borough – driven by fairness, greater opportunity and social mobility for those that are disadvantaged, so that everyone can benefit from the rising prosperity happening across Hackney.  

How can I vote?
You can register to vote up until 6th May and also apply for a postal vote up until this deadline.

If you're resident in Hackney and you're from another member state of the EU, you can still vote in all three of the elections, even if you're not British. See here for more information.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tell us your priorities for Stoke Newington

We have been in touch with thousands of Stoke Newington residents over the past few years, and spoken to lots of you recently during the election campaign. However, we know we can never round everyone and we always want to hear from you about what more we can be doing to make Stoke Newington a great place to live.

Please do fill in our short survey and let us know your priorities for Stoke Newington - it is very short and should only take a couple of minutes of your time. 

The survey is online here.

You can also get in touch with us by email, phone and in person - all the details are here. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Youth Opportunity Fund - apply now!

There's still time to apply for the Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund.  

The deadline for Round One applications is 30th April 2014 for activities taking place this summer and early Autumn. Grants in this round will be made in early June.

Hackney YOF money can be used for an activity or project that benefits young people and their friends/youth group and other young people in Hackney. The funding can be for  a wide range of activities and projects including sports, arts, culture, citizenship and volunteering. The grant can also be used to pay for small pieces of equipment such as computers, musical instruments, sports gear, arts and crafts supplies and props for creative activities.

For application forms and more information - visit the Young Hackney website here.