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Monday, 19 May 2014

We support Space for Cycling

We've received a lot of emails from local residents about the Space for Cycling campaign and we are all fully in support of this.

Hackney Council has been recognised as leading the way in promoting cycling. The Labour Council in Hackney actively promotes cycling as a clean, healthy and efficient way to travel, and Hackney now has record levels of cycling amongst residents and visitors to the borough. In Stoke Newington alone 18.8% of residents cycle to work - which shows the commitment to cycling in our area.

We are committed to continuing to promote and encourage cycling and an important and integral part of this work is ensuring that Hackney provides a safe and welcoming environment for cyclists. Hackney Labour has recently published its manifesto for the 2014 elections and a key pledge is to continue to make it easier and safer for cyclists (and pedestrians) to get around the borough.

The Space for Cycling ask for Stoke Newington is to remove the one way system - this is something that we have been working on for a number of years, and recently successfully lobbied Transport for London to include the removal of the one way system in their future Business Plan. This has now happened, and modelling is taking place to work out the best way of removing the one way system. A full update is on our blog here. We have also restated our commitment to removing the Stoke Newington Gyratory in the Hackney wide manifesto.

Our focus is also on improving cycle infrastructure and routes, and the Council works very closely with local cycling groups such as Hackney Cycling Campaign to identify and prioritise locations where cycle accessibility can be improved.  In addition to road and cycle route improvements, the Labour Council has also taken the lead in the promotion of cycle safety around lorries. Hackney led the development of a new HGV driver training module including hands-on cycle training, and we were the first local authority in the country to train all our HGV drivers in this way.

The Council also offers free cycle training to everyone who lives, works or studies in Hackney, as well as holding regular bike maintenance 'pit stops' and undertaking public information campaigns on safer cycling.

Please do contact us if you have any further questions.

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