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Friday, 14 February 2014

Special Policy Area update

The Council has now agreed to adopt a ‘Special Policy Area’ in Dalston. This will extend up as far as the Evering Road/Stoke Newington Road junction on the A10.

We have written about this previously as it’s been an important issue for many residents in our ward who live on or off the A10.

Our position has always been that there needs to be a balance between the night time economy with late night venues and the right of those living nearby to get a good night’s sleep. There are also public safety issues associated with a large concentration of pubs and clubs that need to be taken into account. There have been an increasing number of complaints from residents and the police about anti social behaviour related to licensed premises. Theft has increased in Dalston by 94% since 2009, and the number of alcohol related ambulance call outs by 55%.

The Special Policy Area is not about preventing new clubs and pubs from opening as some have claimed. There has been a SPA in operation in Shoreditch for a number of years and this is a thriving area for going out, attracting people from all across London.

What the SPA does mean is that when new venues open, they have to be able to demonstrate that they will not add to the cumulative impact in a particular area in terms of noise nuisance and public safety, and that they can demonstrate a certain standard of operation. Each application is still considered on a case by case basis. In addition, existing late night licenses will not be affected. 

The SPA helps to control the rapid expansion of late night venues in a more managed way – and ensure a better balance between business needs and the negative impacts experienced by residents.

The decision report on the Special Policy Area is online here. 

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