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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wilmer Place latest

As most of you will be aware, the latest application for Wilmer Place was approved by the Planning Committee last night.

Hundreds of local residents turned up to the meeting as the revised application was considered and discussed.

Louisa and Cllr Daniel Stevens both gave speeches in opposition to the plans, arguing that the changes were minor and the reasons for refusing the application in April were
 still valid.

Nick Perry and Russell Miller also spoke on behalf of Stokey Local and put forward a strong argument about the likely harm the new development would cause – particularly to Abney Park cemetery.

Cllr Susan Fajana-Thomas who is a member of the Planning Committee was unable to participate because she had openly registered her opposition to the scheme and supported local residents who are opposed to the application.

We are really disappointed with the outcome – especially after a long campaign. We’ve always had concerns about the size and massing of the development, the low level of affordable housing, and the fact that it has always been based on one anchor retail tenant (Sainsbury’s), limiting the scope to do something more ambitious in a very sensitive site.

Stokey Local organised a very effective campaign over the past few years, and we’ve worked alongside –them highlighting the concerns of residents, lobbying for changes, and outlining the real planning concerns we all had about the development.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, either for or against. It shows that people do care about our local area and can work and organise together about issues they feel passionately about. Stoke Newington is a stronger place for it.

Louisa's speech can be downloaded here.