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Monday, 1 July 2013

Wilmer Place - not too late to have your say

As most people are aware, a new application has been submitted for Wilmer Place.

There are a number of minor changes
  • setting back the two storey podium wall by 1 – 2 m on the West but not the North (Cemetery Gates) side. 
  • setting back the residential blocks by 1- 3.2 m. 
  • increasing 3/4 bed units from 13 to 16
The developer feels that these address the main reasons why the previous application was refused.

The deadline for representations has passed – but you can still make comments on the application and it is important that people continue to do so.

Stokey Local have a very good summary of the key points here and we also discussed the new application at our recent ward forum where the following concerns were raised:

  • Jobs – Whilst there is a net gain in jobs, they are not of a sufficient quality to outweigh the potential loss of jobs elsewhere.
  • Housing – The development only creates 17% affordable homes and no properties for social rent.  This falls far short of the Council’s 50% target.  The applicant has argued that they cannot afford the required number of affordable homes, yet continues to change the tenure mix.  This is a Council policy so should not just be ignored.  It encourages the social mix of the area to be further diluted.
  • Transport – Being a car free development does not support the functionality of a supermarket.  Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington Church Street and the gyratory will all be used by articulated lorries.  Pedestrians regularly use Wilmer Place as a cut through.  This may become more dangerous with lorries on site.  There is also the possibility of people just stopping on Stoke Newington Church Street to pop into the store.  An application in Islington was thrown out on a similar premise.
  • Ecology – A full ecology survey by an expert needs to be carried out.  Any report presented by the applicant would need to be critically assessed.  Abney Park Cemetery is a public amenity and used by many.  The most common walking route is along the path that would run adjacent to the development.  This would hinder users’ experiences of the Cemetery.
  • Heritage – The Conservation Area covers both Abney Park Cemetery and the current shop make up.  Any addition to the area should be to preserve or enhance what is already there.  The current application brings no obvious benefits and would harm the small shops, as well as affect the aesthetics of the Cemetery’s entrance.  English Heritage do not approve of the application on this basis.  The privacy of the Cemetery will be broken down, and there are already a limited number of secluded locations in London.
There is also a guide to making representations on planning applications here.

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