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Friday, 5 July 2013

Community safety priorities for Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington's community advisory panel met on Wednesday night to discuss crime and anti social behaviour issues in the ward, and set priorities for our local police team for the coming two months. The team reported back on the following activities since the last meeting:
  • High visibility patrols on Church Street targeting street criminals 
  • Targeting street drinking on Church Street, Stoke Newington High Street and Stoke Newington Road enforcing the 'Designated Public Places Order' which gives the police the power to move people on for 24 hours. 
  • Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to those cycling on the footway
  • Parking enforcement in problematic areas
  • Tackling anti social behaviour on several estates
The new priorities for the team are:
  • Anti social behaviour on the High Street and Church Street - street drinking, licensing issues, cycling on the pavement, thefts
  • Liaising with the council over parking infringements on side streets off the A10
More details of the Stoke Newington Central police team here. 

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