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Friday, 31 May 2013

Ward forum - 11th June

The next Stoke Newington Ward Forum is taking place on Tuesday 11th June at 7pm in St Paul's Church (corner of Evering Road/Stoke Newington Road).

We are joining the ward forum with Lordship (our neighbouring ward) so we can also discuss the latest Wilmer Place application which has just been submitted to the Council's planning department. 

We have invited the developer and architect to address the meeting (attendance tbc). The new application is currently expected to go to Planning Committee in July, so we are keen to understand the new plans in more detail and hear views on these. They are online here.

We also want to discuss this in the wider context of regeneration in Stoke Newington - looking at the wider context of the Council's policies, and to explore some of the ideas that came out of the recent 'State of the High Street' debate that we organised (full report from this meeting here). 

Just a reminder that the idea behind the new forums is that local residents and councillors will work together to identify priorities for improving our area. This is a move away from the old neighbourhood forums, which featured a lot of power point presentations and updates on local issues, but with little involvement from residents or councillors.

We look forward to seeing you on 11th June.

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