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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Follow up from State of the High Street debate

Thank you to those who came to or expressed an interest in the State of the High Street debate that we held last month.

The aim was to discuss a range of issues to do with the High Street, from the role it plays in the local economy, to more day to day concerns such as the pavements, waste, and the impact of late night bars.

There was a lively debate, and the main points raised were:

Streetscene issues:

Improving pavement surfaces
Tackling dog fouling
Persistent rubbish hot spots

Night time economy:

Continuing to oppose late night licences where residents fear the impact on residential streets
Enforcement against problem venues


Continued work to look at options for removing the gyratory
Communicating more effectively with Transport for London who control the main
A10 red route
Brooke Road could be two way
The stretch between Church Street and Brooke Road could be trialled as two
Living Streets ideas to encourage more walking
Addressing traffic calming issues along the gyratory
Issues on Brooke Road with dropped kerbs
Signposting a cycling route south
Campaigning to raise awareness of cycling on pavement issues

Strengthen the influence of the Conservation Area Advisory Committee in Stoke Newington
Retain diverse mix of shops on high street – avoid gentrification
Shop local
Building the day time economy

We would like to continue to discuss these issues with residents and agree a clear set of priorities that we can work together over.

Please do get in touch if you have any views on what we can try to tackle in the short term, as well as your thoughts on the longer term future of the High Street.

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