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Saturday, 20 April 2013

State of the High Street event

We've arranged a special meeting on 23rd April, 7pm at St Paul’s Church to discuss the ‘State of the High Street’.

Stoke Newington High Street is a lively and vibrant town centre, and is increasingly attracting visitors from all over London. 

However, residents in Stoke Newington have repeatedly raised the following issues with us, and most recently at the Stoke Newington ward forum:
  • Noise and anti social behaviour from pubs and clubs
  • Issues associated with the one way system
  • Keeping the pavements clean and clear of obstacles
  • Street drinking
  • Persistent cycling on the pavement

We decided it would be a good opportunity to bring people together for a wider debate on these issues, to look at the High Street as a whole.

There will be three guest speakers - the Head of Regeneration from the Council; a speaker on night time economy and environmental issues from the Council, and Lucy Saunders from TfL who will talk about what makes a 'healthy street' and transport issues.

There will then be an open debate, where we can identify a set of priorities with residents to take forward.

Please do come along and have your say and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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