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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stoke Newington ward forum - 30th October

The second Stoke Newington Central ward forum is on Tuesday 30th October at 7pm in Yorkshire Grove Community Hall, Gunstor Road.

As we’ve explained before, the ward forums have now replaced the old Neighbourhood Forums. It’s a new way of encouraging local residents and councillors to work together, and the first meeting in July was a success. We did a number of activities and mapping exercises around the theme of ‘public and open space’ to encourage attendees to think about the good things in the local area, what needs improving and what the ward forum could prioritise. 

 Some of the priorities identified included:
  • Stoke Newington Gyratory - rat running on the roads in between, cyclists on pavements and going in the opposite direction.
  • The High Street – with issues including uneven pavements, obstacles such as A-boards, and waste from commercial properties
  • Noise – from the night time economy, police sirens, construction
  • Neglected spaces – in particular Somerford Gardens and the playground on Yorkshire Grove Estate

The next stage is for us to work out in more detail how we can take some of these issues forward, what we need to do together, and maybe even decide on some projects that we initiate through the forum.

Everyone is welcome on 30th, and if you have any suggestions, or want to be kept informed, please do get in touch!

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