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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brooke Road area 20mph zone

We have been working with the Leswin Area Residents Association and the Council to look at traffic calming measures for the area east of the High Street towards Rectory Road.

Proposals for a 20mph zone and streetscene improvements were consulted on last year, and the majority of comments were in favour (full response online here.)

Works will start mid January and take approximately 8 weeks to complete. Please avoid parking in the area of the works, which will be clearly marked with signs, cones and barriers. The works will include:
  • A new 20mph Zone bordered by the Stoke Newington gyratory (the gyratory itself will not form part of the zone).
  • New road humps on Glading Terrace, Bately Road, Hollar Road, Tyssen Road, Evering Road, Brooke Road and Lawrence Buildings
  • New zone entry/exit signs provided at the zone border.
  • 20mph carriageway markings provided at all entrances to the new zone.
  • New raised entry treatments at the junctions with Manse Road/Evering Road, Bayston Road/Evering Road and Darville Road/Evering Road.
The large raised planters at the junction with Evering Road and Manse Road will be removed with new paving and trees provided in their place.

This is good news - the last area in our ward to be made into a 20mph zone, with additional measures to help address some of the issues residents have experienced with rat running in the area.

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