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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Zombie-a-thon - this Saturday!

Stokey Local have organised a Zombie-a-thon this Saturday 1st October to express the continuing concerns from local residents about the plans for Wilmer Place.

It starts at midday at Wilmer Place car park, and there will be a mock funeral to help make the point about the threat to local businesses.
Afterwards there will be tea and cake in St Mary's Church Hall. More information online here.

We'll also be out earlier in the day on Church Street continuing to collect signatures calling on the developer to hold a public meeting about his plans for Wilmer Place.

You can sign our petition online here too.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Update on policing priorities

At the Community Advisory Panel meeting last week, the following three priorities were set for the police team for the next two months:
  • anti social behaviour from the night time economy
  • cycling on pavements
  • fireworks
The meeting also discussed the progress made in addressing street drinking on the A10, and tackling anti social behaviour on Smalley Road estate.

More details about our local team are here.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Online petition: calling for a public meeting on Wilmer Place

We were out on Church Street last Saturday collecting signatures calling on Newmark Properties and Sainsbury's to attend a public meeting to discuss their proposals for Wilmer Place. This is following their refusal to meet with local residents and businesses.

Despite it being a blustery morning, we collected nearly 150 signatures in just an hour and a half.

Concerns about the development have been raised with us repeatedly over the past few months and remain unanswered, including the impact on: traffic; road safety; the Stoke Newington Conservation Area; biodiversity; and the provision of affordable housing.

The petition is calling on Newmark Properties and Sainsbury’s to attend a public meeting in to discuss the proposals with local residents and that both companies commit to attending such a meeting before any planning application is submitted.

The petition is now online and you can sign it by clicking here.

Please note - this is a different petition from the Stokey Local one as ours is focussed on calling for a public meeting. Please sign both and support the Stokey Local campaign.

Car free day on Ashwin Street - Thurs 22nd

Not quite in our ward - but there's a fantastic car free day tomorrow just down the road on Ashwin Street in Dalston.

To celebrate the national car free day there will be:
  • Street cafĂ© with early bird discount on coffee and tea before 10am
  • Free bike health checks: 8 -10am and 4.30 - 6.30pm
  • Bicycle security tagging: 8 -11am
  • Bicycle maintenance workshops: 2.30 and 3.30pm


  • Exchange places with an HGV
  • Bicycle portraits exhibition
  • Street-games, eco-workshops, stalls and more
More information online here.

Set the priorities of the local Police - tonight

The Community Advisory Panel is meeting tonight at 7.30pm in the community hall on Yorkshire Grove Estate (easiest way to reach it is via Gunstor Road).

This meeting happens every two months and is a chance for local residents to meet the Safer Neighbourhood Team for Stoke Newington and set their priorities for the months ahead.

More details of our local team are here.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Wilmer Place update: holding Sainsbury's and Newmark Properties to account

Labour Councillors in Stoke Newington Central, Lordship and Clissold wards, Jennette Arnold AM and Diane Abbott MP have sent a second open letter to Newmark Properties and Sainsbury’s in response to their refusal to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed development at Wilmer Place.

Below is a copy of the text of the letter that has been sent.

This follows a letter we wrote to Newmark Properties and Sainsbury’s in August raising serious concerns about the proposals and the deeply flawed consultation that has provided little opportunity for the views of the local community to be properly considered.

The response we received from Four Communications failed to properly address these concerns, as well as rejecting calls for a public meeting.

In their letter Four Communications did state that a planning application would only be submitted “once we are satisfied we have addressed the key issues and have the best scheme possible for Stoke Newington.”

We fail to see how they can develop ‘the best scheme possible for Stoke Newington’ without hearing directly from residents and businesses that the proposals will affect.

In addition to writing to Newmark Properties and Sainsbury’s, we will be running a street stall on Stoke Newington Church Street – outside William Patten School - from 11am on Saturday 17th September where we will be asking local residents to support our campaign for a public meeting.

Copy of the Letter to Newmark Properties and Sainsbury’s:

Dear Mr Cohen,

RE: Proposed Development of Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington

We write in response to a letter received from Alun Hayes on 24 August 2011.

It is disappointing that Newmark Properties’ and Sainsbury’s are refusing to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed development at Wilmer Place. Your unwillingness to be held accountable for the significant impact this development would have on local residents and businesses in Stoke Newington is of considerable concern.

We urge Newmark Properties’ and Sainsbury’s to reconsider their position and commit to attending a meeting before a planning application is submitted.

Our letter of 22 August 20111 highlighted a range of planning concerns, which were not addressed in the response from Mr Hayes. These include concerns that have been raised repeatedly over the past few months and remain unanswered, including the impact of the development on: traffic; road safety; the Stoke Newington Conservation Area; biodiversity; and the provision of affordable housing.

Mr Hayes states that these are requirements of the formal planning process and answers will be given when an application is submitted. However, it would be surprising if you had not considered these matters as your plans have developed. Your failure to be transparent and accountable to the local community about these issues is an unacceptable response to the legitimate concerns of local residents

Our letter of 22 August 2011 also called on Sainsbury’s to provide more information about the impact the store will have on the local economy. There is support for more local jobs and helping to rejuvenate the upper stretch of the High Street, but local residents are not convinced that the current scheme will achieve this; and the lack of detail provided by Sainsbury’s is unhelpful.

Mr Hayes’ letter of 24 August 2011 stated that ‘there will be a number of opportunities for residents and others to provide more feedback as our proposals develop’ yet failed to provide any detail about what these opportunities are. Based on the nature of the pre-planning consultation carried to date, we remain sceptical about whether these opportunities will materialise.

Since the display in Abney Hall and the launch of the website, there have been no other visible attempts to enter into a genuine dialogue with local residents. The questionnaire on your website is deeply flawed: it is designed around four choices that help to support the current scheme, rather than providing a proper opportunity for residents to have their say. This one sided consultation process would not have given you an accurate sense of the strength of feeling amongst local residents and businesses about the proposed development.

Mr Hayes refers to a ‘determined group of people’, but our experience is that there are a large number of local residents who have come together voluntarily to address the genuine concerns that they have with the scheme. At a meeting organised by Hackney Unites in July, 200 local residents were present. These are local residents who care passionately about Stoke Newington, and at the moment, do not feel that the current scheme will work and that their concerns are being ignored.

We fail to see how you can develop ‘the best scheme possible for Stoke Newington’ without hearing directly from residents and businesses that the proposals will affect. A public meeting can only be of benefit for all parties.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Diane Abbott MP
Jennette Arnold AM
Cllr Edward Brown, Lordship Ward
Cllr Susan Fajana-Thomas, Stoke Newington Central Ward
Cllr Rita Krishna, Stoke Newington Central Ward
Cllr Wendy Mitchell, Clissold Ward
Cllr Daniel Stevens, Lordship Ward
Cllr Louisa Thomson, Stoke Newington Central Ward


David Tyler, Chairman, J Sainsbury PLC
Justin King, Chief Executive, J Sainsbury PLC

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Our latest e-newsletter

Our e-newsletter for September has just gone out.

You can now read this online
here too.

If you want to sign up to receive it directly then do email us.

There was also a missing paragaph reporting back on Cressington Close TRA which should have gone out in the original e-newsletter (I blame a lack of coffee today!). This is pasted below:

Cressington Close TRA

The Cressington Close enhanced tenants and residents association met on 6th September. Residents have developed plans for trees and planting to soften and green the estate. Next steps are to add more detail on the specifics of the plants and places and to choose which medium-sized trees to plant. Cressington close is one of the estates in which communal aerials will shortly be installed, in preparation for the digital switchover.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This weekend - Funday on Stoke Newington Common

This Sunday there is a free funday on Stoke Newington Common organised by the Stoke Newington Common Users Group.

From 1-5.30pm there will be music, food, face painting and sock wrestling on the Common.

More information online here: http://www.stokenewingtoncommon.co.uk/

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Free bike security and Free bike workshop - this THURS

Get your bike fixed, security tagged and support the campaign to improve Kynaston Gardens and Avenue

Thursday 8th Sept – 3pm-6pm in Kynaston Gardens

Several organisations and community groups are teaming up to promote courteous and safe cycling along Kynaston Avenue.

Friends of Kynaston Gardens, Hackney Cyclists, Hackney Council and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team are setting up in Kynaston Gardens to remind cyclists to dismount on pavements and are offering FREE security tagging, a FREE bicycle health check from Donut Kids Bicycle and advice on safe cycling and cycle training.

Just pop in on the day!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Amazings - a new local project

The Amazings is a new social enterprise which is set up to allow people to make the most of their retirements.

As they approach their launch, they've got in contact with us looking for over 60s in Stoke Newington who have unusual skills and knowledge that they'd like to share with the wider community.

Kate Ivey-Williams who is helping to launch the amazing told us "an example of an experience could be someone interested in local history giving a tour of the streets telling stories of life growing up in the East End, or an expert at baking giving a lesson on making classic British cakes. How great is it to earn a bit of cash doing something you love?"

If you're interested in find out more there's details on the poster below and also on their website: hwww.theamazings.org