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Monday, 8 August 2011

Stoke Newington gyratory consultation response

Earlier this year, the Council asked local residents and businesses for their views on the future of the one-way system in Stoke Newington.

The consultation results have now been published and are online

The headline responses are:

850 responses were received in total and 92% of respondents identified themselves as Hackney residents; the highest number of responses came from postcode areas N16 0 and N16 7 which correspond to the Stoke Newington Central ward where the gyratory sits.

75% of respondents consider traffic levels to be a problem in the area and 67% considers traffic levels have a negative effect on the development and quality of life in the area.

Approximately a third of respondents (32.5%) consider parking arrangements to be inadequate, another third (35.1%) to be adequate and another third doesn't know/is not sure (32.5%)

A majority of respondents (70%) would support the removal of the Stoke Newington Gyratory, 14.5% oppose it and 15.5% consider that they don't know and mostly asked for more detail on the proposals before giving an opinion.

What happens next?

The Council has fed back the results of the public consultation to Transport for London (TfL). Over the next few months the Council will be working closely with TfL to develop clear objectives that will help to establish a range of options for improvements in the area. They will also consider and review the traffic and transport issues raised during the consultation as part of this process.

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