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Thursday, 11 August 2011

A further update - dealing with the aftermath of Monday's riots

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN UPDATE FROM THURSDAY 11th AUGUST - these are obviously circumstances that are changing rapidly due to the live investigation.

Since the events of Monday evening there have been no significant disturbances in Hackney and the streets have been relatively quiet.

The information below is an update on what the Council and the Police have been doing in Hackney to deal with the aftermath of Monday’s events. All council services are running as normal and have been for the last two days.


As reported in the press there have been 16,000 police officers deployed across London and this increased police presence will continue. Locally in Hackney the Safer Neighbourhood Teams are doing more patrols helping to reassure residents.

The police are currently assessing 30+ hours of CCTV footage, from council CCTV cameras which will provide a fuller picture of the number and scale of incidents around the borough. Importantly, this will also help secure more convictions of those who took part in the events.

Around 52 arrests have been made so far in Hackney and at least 30 people have now been charged.

Cleaning up

Council street cleaners worked as soon as it was safe to clear debris from the streets. Most areas where there had been trouble were clear by 5am on Tuesday morning; streets had been washed down by 7.30am; graffiti on Clarence Road was washed off by 7am and burnt cars were removed by lunchtime. Repairs to the carriage way on Clarence Road will be completed by tomorrow.

In addition all minor street lighting damage was repaired on Tuesday and 2 burnt lamp columns will be repaired on Monday and reconnected on Wednesday
Bins and loose street furniture have temporarily been removed as a precautionary measure.

We'd like to pay tribute to the street cleaners and their amazing work in making sure Hackney was cleared up as soon as possible, and all the residents who turned up to volunteer help clean on Tuesday morning at the Town Hall. This reminds us of all that is great about our borough and how much we all care about our local community.

Supporting local businesses

15 businesses were damaged in the Hackney Central area and 5 in Dalston. 7 of these are locally owned ones.

The Council has been visiting businesses in the town centre on a daily basis and distributed advice sheets from the Police, advising on safety measures, and helping with the clear up.

Town Centre managers have also been talking to businesses in their areas to provide additional advice.

The Met have also issued advice to businesses here.

And remember if you have any information for the Police or want to check their latest advice for the public – please look online here.

The Mayor of London and the Government have announced funds to help those areas most affected by the events of earlier this week. The details of this are not yet clear.

The strength of our community in Hackney has been evident since Monday – showing the real character of Hackney.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any suggestions about how we can all work together to rebuild trust.

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