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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wilmer place update: Town Hall question

We raised the issue of the proposed development at Wilmer Place at last night’s Full Council.

Stoke Newington councillors do not support the current plans and are working alongside local residents to try and persuade the developer to address residents’ concerns – before a planning application is submitted.

The question we asked at Full Council was:
‘Residents in Stoke Newington are concerned about a large Sainsburys that is planned for our ward. The concerns are varied - traffic, road safety, and the impact on local shops. What influence does the Council have in such matters and what reassurance can the Council offer concerned residents?’

Cllr Guy Nicholson, the Cabinet member for Regeneration and the Olympic Games, responded to the question by outlining the different council policies that have would have to be taken into account when considering any future planning application for Wilmer Place. These are quite detailed so we’ve covered this in a longer post here.

In short, he stated that any application has to be relevant to any future growth of Stoke Newington as a district centre in Hackney - this was not an endorsement of the proposed development by Hackney Labour as some people were claiming on twitter last night. He was stating factually what the current policies are in relation to this site.

He also stressed that:
  • planning policy will be applied to any application that comes forward
  • there will have to be a thorough assessment of traffic, transportation, sustainability as with all major applications
  • As no application has been submitted yet, it was incumbent on the developer to engage with local residents over his plans.
Louisa asked a follow up question which was: Will the Cabinet member support local ward councillors who are writing to the developer and Sainsbury’s to invite them back to Stoke Newington to a public meeting to come and answer questions from residents about their plans?

Cllr Nicholson was in support of this approach – and said that residents needed to hear from Sainsbury’s how they think their plans contribute to the local economy.

We believe that the developer and Sainsbury’s need to come and meet with residents again so that we have the chance to question and challenge their claims and ask for more explanation about their plans.

They have been suspiciously silent since the drop in sessions at the beginning of July.

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