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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Update from the Town Hall

There was a Full Council meeting last week on 4th May.

There were a number of important scrutiny reports presented at the meeting, including a review by the Living in Hackney scrutiny commission into resident participation in the Borough. This has some important recommendations that Tenant and Resident Associations in our ward might find interesting – especially around improving support for TRAs with publicity, access to grants, and ensuring that estate mangers follow up on issues picked up in the meetings.

There were two other reports discussed on Tobacco Control in Hackney and Gun and Knife Crime. An Integrated Gangs Intervention Project is now underway in Hackney which is aiming to reduce violent crime through a cross agency approach to prevention and enforcement.

Another big issue discussed at the meeting was the Coalition Government’s new universal credit – early indications are that this should be delivered entirely online. We have concerns about this as we recognise that a large number of people do require face to face support in navigating the system and as a Council are committed to making sure that residents can access help in this way.

A motion was also passed at Full Council regarding the Coalition Government’s changes to the NHS. This criticised the reorganisation of the NHS, and in particular the risks of privatisation of the NHS by the plans to allow any provider to bid for GP commissioned services. The motion expressed concern about the impact of these changes on Hackney residents and made it clear that we plan to campaign against them.

Finally, a motion was also passed calling on Network Rail to bring Hackney Central station building back into use.

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