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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Feedback from Community Advisory Panel meeting

At last week's Community Advisory Panel meeting, the following priorities were set for the next 2 months:
  • Anti social behaviour, in particular from dogs
  • cycling on the pavement
  • Night time economy
The Council will soon be consulting on Dog Control orders and ways to help ensure responsible dog ownership in public spaces. We will update you on this as soon as the consultation is live as it will have implications for a number of spaces in the ward - so your feedback and input is vital. In the meantime, for details on how to report issues with dogs - please see here.

Cycling on the pavement is another frequently occurring issue in the ward. The police reported that 6 Fixed Penalty Notices and 32 Stop and Accounts had been carried out in the last two months. We discussed whether it might be worth putting up a poster in known hot spots with some of these statistics on - to show cyclists that enforcement is taking place, and to serve as a reminder to dismount on pavements.

Finally - there is a survey that the Met Police are carrying out at the moment. This is a review of how to contact the police and might have some implications in terms of the number of police stations that are open. You can fill this in online
here until 27th May 2011. More information here too.

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