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Monday, 24 January 2011

Restaurant Crackdown

A quick community safety update for our ward... At the Community Advisory Panel meeting in January, the following priorities were set for Stoke Newington Central:
  • Burglaries
  • Drug dealing
  • Anti social behaviour, in particular around Smalley Road Estate
Residents have reported a number of burglaries in the area recently, and the Safer Neighbourhood Team can offer advice for home owners and tenants on making their properties more secure. Please do contact the team here if you think you might benefit from this.

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team also updated residents about the successful Crackdown operation on Amhurst Road at the end of last year. Hackney Council and the Police worked together following complaints about late night noise and anti social behaviour from an unlicensed basement club under Lime Cay restaurant. Noise equipment was seized, but the problems continued.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team in Stoke Newington Central worked with local residents to collect evidence of the disturbances, and Thames Magistrates Court granted the closure order on 13th December.
The restaurant is still open for business, but the basement has been secured. This was a regular source of noise nuisances and residents have reported that it has been a lot quieter since.

Remember - if you want to report late night noise - call 020 8356 4455.

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