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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Coronation Avenue Heritage campaign

During the Blitz homes, churches, factories, schools and many other places across London were destroyed - leaving thousands of people dead, injured or homeless.

On the night of October 13th, 1940, hundreds of people had taken refuge inside the Air Raid Shelter in the basement of the Coronation Avenue flats. The building received a direct hit from a bomb and by the next morning over 160 of the people sheltering there had died.

It's now the 70th anniversary of this terrible incident and a group of local people are organising ways to commemorate what happened on that night. We are trying to arrange for a memorial plaque to be placed on the building, and a local heritage project to collect stories and make a permanent resource. There have been many messages of support so far and it's clear that many people feel that something should be done to commemorate this tragic event.

The aim is to raise £5000 and have a plaque put on the building by March 2011.
We need the support of local people! Here are some ways to get involved:
  • Make a donation via the Timeline website
  • Email us to let us know what you think of the plans - ebones@blueyonder.co.uk
  • Tell other people locally
  • Organise a cake sale at your school (we were out at the Farmers Market last weekend raffling a blue plaque cake!)
Find out more on Timeline's website here.

1 comment:

  1. Hello
    I have been researching my family name and came across the only member of the Chislett family
    (civilian)to be killed in the war. Her name was
    Annie Louisa Chislett, who was only 22. She was killed in the Coronation avenue bomb shelter on the 13th october 1940. I intend a visit and would be very interested in getting involved and making a donation of £200. I need someone who would kindly show me around the area. She lived at 60 Albion drive Hackney. I would also like to visit the blitz memorial in Abney park cemetery.
    Please could someone get in touch with me.
    my email address is a.w.chislett@live.co.uk
    or my website is...clearviewchimneysweeping.co.uk.
    I would be very greatful for your help.
    thank you

    Alan woods Chislett.