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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Can Hackney Homes improve resident engagement?

Living in Hackney, the Council’s Scrutiny Commission for housing, is reviewing tenant participation in the Borough, looking at how Hackney Homes engages residents in the decision-making which affects their area.

All tenants should by now have received a letter with a hard copy of the survey- if you would rather complete it electronically there are two versions, one for people who attend Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) (http://bit.ly/99lHSL) and those who don't currently engage in formal consultation events (http://bit.ly/90UT7X)

If you’re a Hackney Homes tenant please do respond as the results of this survey will help inform how Hackney Homes engages with tenants in the future. We go to local
TRA meetings in our ward and are well aware that there is room for improvement – especially in empowering residents to hold Hackney Homes to account and in being given the resources to develop community projects on individual estates.

The results from the review will help to determine how Hackney Homes engages with residents in the future.

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