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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Horizon School update

At the beginning of September we attended a consultation meeting at Horizon School on Wordsworth Road regarding the school's plans for a new building on the site.

Residents on Prince George Road and Palatine Road had contacted us because they were concerned about the current designs and up to that point communication about the school's plans had not been very clear.

The first meeting with residents was a valuable opportunity for the council officers working on the plans to hear local concerns, particularly around the access point on Prince George Road, and the loss of trees and green space along the road.

We had a useful meeting with council officers this week and stressed the importance of an open and constructive dialogue continuing from here on to make sure that residents' views are taken into account. Residents on Prince George Road have elected representatives amongst themselves and we have now called for a more focussed meeting to go through in more detail different aspects of the plans, hear ideas for alternatives and work out what amendments can be made.

There is more information about Horizon School on Hackney's website here and also on the Prince George Road residents blog here.

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