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Friday, 23 July 2010

As we've mentioned previously, Team Hackney has its own grants programme for the voluntary and community sector.

Details of this have now been released and it's great news that this is going ahead. Organisations applying must demonstrate how theirproject delivers one or more of the seven objectives in Hackney's Sustainable CommunityStrategy:
  1. Reduce poverty by supporting residents into sustainable employment, and promoting employment opportunities.
  2. Help residents to become better qualified and raise educational aspirations. Ensure the educational improvement of Hackney’s children and young people is excellent.
  3. Promote health and wellbeing for all and support independent living.
  4. Make the borough safer, and help people feel safe in Hackney.
  5. Promote mixed communities in well-designed neighbourhoods, where people can access high quality, affordable housing.
  6. Be a sustainable community, where all citizens take pride in and take care of Hackney and its environment, for future generations.
  7. Provision of Holiday Play Schemes.
There are three grants available:
  • Small grants up to £7,000
  • Main grants up to £50,000
  • Holiday scheme grants up to £10,000
Council departments and public bodies are not able to apply, but fully constituted not-forprofit
groups are eligible.

There is more detail online here. The deadline is 22nd September 2010.

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