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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Yorkshire Grove Estate

At the Yorkshire Grove Estate Tenants and Residents Association last night, residents raised their ongoing concerns about fly-tipping on the estate. Council officers from the Recycling Department are relocating the recycling bins that are currently on Victorian Grove, to a location further inside the estate, to discourage waste being left by the bins, and contaminating what can be recycled.

Remember, if you spot anyone fly-tipping please make a note of the day, date and time of the incident, how many people were fly-tipping and what they looked like and finally the make, colour and registration number of any vehicles involved. This should then be reported to the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Department on 020 8356 4810. Fixed penalty notices can be issues if offenders are caught in the act.

The Council will also collect bulky waste for free - up to four times a year. This can be booked by calling
020 8356 6688.

There has also been an increase in dog fouling on the estate - this is an offence and there is a Dog Fouling Control Order in place in Hackney. Please report any incidents to the Estate Manager in the Stoke Newington Neighbourhood Office on 020 8356 3691. The Environmental Enforcement Team have the power to issue fixed penalty notices.

Residents at the meeting were determined to work together to try and tackle this anti social behaviour on the estate.

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