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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Parking zones

A strange anonymous yellow flyer was put on cars in Stoke Newington yesterday arguing against controlled parking zones.

In our conversations with residents, we know there are a range of views about the controlled parking zone in Stoke Newington. Many say it has worked well on their streets and helped to resolve issues with parking. Others have been less positive.

Every controlled parking zone is reviewed every three years and we have pushed to make sure that Zone E is consulted on at the end of this year - this will be an opportunity for everyone to feed in their views and make sure that in places where the zone is not working, improvements are made.

The wider parking policy in Hackney was consulted on earlier this year - which we advertised to residents here (and it was of course, on the Hackney website)

Owning a car for lots of Hackney residents is a necessity and we recognise that there are frustrations with parking zones and want to make sure that the consultation on our zone in Stoke Newington helps to address some of the issues.

The Council's policy is to encourage people to make responsible choices - we were one of the first boroughs to pioneer parking charges relating to engine size, so the greenest cars park for free. At the moment, we haven't gone down the route of charging according to a car's emissions as this would disadvantage many families in Hackney who have older cars.

Compare this with other parties in Hackney - in this year's budget, the Greens proposed a hike on Pay and Display charges by 12% which would have hit local businesses hardest. We want to support our town centres and local shops, rather than imposing stealth taxes.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Make the controlled zones simpler.
    One zone - south of Church St, east of Green Lanes, west of the High St. (Possibly include the rest of the existing 'E' zone?) This will simplify things for residents and enforcement. Save money in terms of permits, signs etc... (If specific streets have football match restrictions, put up detail on those days on those streets!)
    2) As a gesture of good faith, reduce permit prices and pass on any additional savings to the residents (permit prices) This would guarantee support and show the council is actually trying to improve things rather than line their pockets.