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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Election myth buster - recycling

Another boast from the Greens on a leaflet that they pushed to extend recycling in Hackney.

We’re a bit puzzled about this as they’ve never voted in favour of more investment in recycling. Labour's budgets in Hackney have meant:
  • Green box collections for all street properties where residents can recycle an ever expanding range of material. Since October last year, you can now recycle tetrapak, plastic tubs and as soon as it becomes possible to recycle other materials, we will add these too
  • Food waste collections from street properties and estates – which is used as compost in Hackney parks
  • Recycle on the go bins in our town centres - including Stoke Newington
  • Recycling facilities on estates which has meant that tonnage has gone up and is at the same level as street properties
Moreover, our budget this year proposed £66m investment in the public realm, which means alongside keeping streets clean and providing parking and market services, money going into recycling collections to ensure we keep driving up the amount being recycled in Hackney.

Residents in Hackney now recycle over 27% of their waste using one of the most comprehensive collection services in the UK. We're pledging in our manifesto to continue to get residents recycling more, including recycling in our parks, and out and about on our streets, and provide incentives to make recycling more attractive.

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