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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tackling anti social behaviour

Residents contacted us about the problems with anti social behaviour around Victorian Grove and Ormsby Place.

We are still pushing for the issues with minicab parking and noise from venues in this area to be tackled effectively:

  • Patrols by the police and parking officers are continuing and where possible catching illegal parking by minicabs.

  • One of the conditions of the Social Club’s license is that patrons have to act responsibly and not disturb those living nearby. If you are disturbed at all it is important to log these complaints with the noise team on 020 8356 4455.

  • If residents are directly threatened or there is intimidating behaviour by a minicab driver – this should be reported to the Public Carriage Office (0845 602 7000) with the vehicle number/driver details if possible
Following the public meeting last year, we had another useful meeting with council officers, the local police and residents last month, where we discussed what happens when a club has appeared with no planning permission and the steps the Council can take to enforce against this.

It is often a slow process but where successful, does send a strong message that new premises have to comply with the law. This is an issue along the High Street and the Planning Department are looking into a number of cases at the moment.

We've also asked for CCTV to be installed in the location which might help to deter anti social behaviour.

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