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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Satchmo's Review

The Police have applied to review Satchmo's premises license. This is good news for long suffering residents living nearby who have had to put up with late night noise and disturbance for months on end. Despite attempts to work with the owners, the venue persistently failed to keep to the terms of its license.

More information online here. If any resident wishes to make a representation on this application, the deadline is 19th May and you need to email licensing@hackney.gov.uk or write to The Licensing Service, 263 Mare Street, London, E8 3HT.

Managing the night time economy in Stoke Newington:

We are regularly contacted by residents who live on the A10 and on side streets who are increasingly concerned by noise and disturbance from pubs and clubs, as well as the number of new applications for late night premises licences. We feel that the needs of the night time economy have to be balanced with the right of residents to have a good night’s sleep, and we have been asking for residents views on whether Stoke Newington should have a ‘Special Policy Area.

A Special Policy Area (SPA) is a designated area which helps to restrict the licensing of premises. There is a SPA in Shoreditch at the moment, and it means that when a club or bar makes a new application for a premises licence, the assumption is that it will add to the often negative effects of the night time economy – crime and disorder, public nuisance and public safety. Unless the applicant can clearly demonstrate that this will not be the case, then the application is refused.

Each application is still judged individually and residents still need to make representations about particular premises. But a SPA does recognise that the concentration of premises, especially in town centres and main roads like the A10 alongside residential houses needs to be managed more effectively due to the impact it has on local residents.

We've had a lot of responses to our survey and the vast majority of those who replied have been in favour of a SPA. Please get in touch to let us know your views.

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