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Friday, 2 April 2010

Recent shootings in Stoke Newington

We know a lot of people locally are concerned about gang activity in the Stoke Newington area - especially after the tragic death of Godwin Lawson on Amhurst Park last week and the shooting on Allen Road.

We've asked for an update on what prevention measures the Council, the police and other local partners are taking to help young people at risk of gang membership, and target those who are already involved and need support to exit.
Addressing the issues of gun crime and gang membership is complex, and requires a combination of prevention, support, and enforcement - alongside continuing to provide things to do and places to go for young people. We thought local residents might be interested to know about some of the programmes that are in place as much of this work can go unnoticed:
  • The Youth Offending Team Mobile Intervention Team (MIT) works with young people identified, primarily through the Police, as involved or at risk of involvement in gangs and group offending - one-to-one support is offered to help reduce the risks to young people and the wider community
  • The Youth Inclusion Programme receives referrals from a wide range of local partners and then provides tailored support to these young people. The work of the YIP includes Knife Awareness programmes which provide workshops to groups of young people on the dangers of knife possession and signposts young people to positive activities.
  • The Youth Crime Action Plan Family Intervention Projects provide family support to identified families with young people aged 8-17 years who are either at risk or already involved in offending behaviour. The intention is to bring about a more supportive environment in which young people can grow up.
  • Hackney's Detached Youth Workers work in the community to help signpost young people to services that can better offer them support according to their identified needs and interests.
  • The Youth Service also has centre based work and the mobile Purple Bus which respond to young people's needs and aim to provide activities that they want to see - raising awareness that certain types of behaviour can have a negative impact on the wider community
A key element underpinning this work - and that of other local partners - is raising aspirations and opportunities for young people as a whole. You can find out more about the multi agency work that goes on in Hackney on the Team Hackney website here.

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