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Monday, 26 April 2010

Election myth buster: 20mph zones

It’s election time and it can get a little tedious everyone claiming credit for various initiatives. However, the latest leaflet from the Greens does make a number of claims that are simply not true:

The Greens say they pushed for 20mph zones in Hackney.

In fact this has been Council policy since 2003 – Stoke Newington Central ward councillor Rita Krishna led the scrutiny review that made the recommendation that all residential roads in the borough should be 20mph.

Several years later, the Green councillor proposed a motion that would have meant just putting up signs for 20mph zones without traffic calming measures and without the enforcement needed by the police. This would have been meaningless and would not have made our roads safer.

By the end of this year, we will have made over 2000 residential roads 20mph and are on track to meet out pledge of full coverage by 2012.

In our ward – there is one remaining area to be made 20mph zone and we’ve worked with residents to push for additional traffic calming measures when the consultation happens later this year. We also worked hard to ensure that the newly refurbished Stoke Newington Church Street had a 20mph speed limit when it re-opened – and we were successful.

We’re delivering 20mph zones already. Moreover, there was nothing in the Greens last budget to fund the continued roll out of the zones.

1 comment:

  1. As a driver, I agree with the 20mph zones - but please make them straight forward. Driving up Lordship road, you're faces with 20mph on Church St, 30mph, then 20mph the 30mph... Other roads in the area also now have nice new 20mph signs... (Must cost a fortune)

    Why not make the whole quadrant 20mph?
    South of Lordship Park.
    East of Green Lanes
    West of Kingsland and Stoke Newington High St
    North of Balls Pond Road

    Most of this area is 20mph already. There are enough schools in the area to justify this. The LED speed warnings are good, but if a ring around the zone had simple and effective signs, everyone would have a chance of understanding the speed limit.

    If you were to do this, you could leaflet residents and cars explaining the 'joined up thinking' behind this.

    Keep it simple!