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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hackney Homes and anti social behaviour

Hackney Homes have published a contract in their latest magazine to residents about how they respond to anti social behaviour. From the complaints we receive from residents, we know that anti social behaviour can have a massive impact on people's lives and that it can be frustrating and slow getting effective action to be taken.

Please do let us know you have any problems with anti social behaviour on your estate and we can help to take this up with Hackney Homes. You can also report ASB through the local housing office; online at www.hackneyhomes.org.uk, texting 07527 385603 or calling the out of hours helpline on 020 8356 3310.

When you report ASB, you can expect:
  • An acknowledgment letter within three working days
  • An invitation for an interview within five working days
  • An action plan for resolving the complaint within 12 working days
  • Monthly reviews of your case and regular contact updating you on progress
For more serious acts of ASB, you can expect:
  • An acknowledgment within 24 hours
  • An invitation to an interview with 24 hours
  • An action plan within 12 working days
  • Regular monthly reviews and contact.
More information online here.

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