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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dangerous dogs

We've picked up quite a few complaints recently about dog fouling. there are persistent offenders on many side streets who allow their dogs to foul on the street.

The whole of Hackney is covered by a Dog Fouling Control Order which means that any offenders who are caught will face a £80 fine. If you spot an offender, you can also report them directly to the Enforcement Team on 020 8356 4810.

Dangerous dogs are also an issue in our area - particularly on Butterfield Green. This was discussed last week at a Community Safety committee meeting where we heard from Council officers, the police and the RSPCA about what steps can be taken to try and address this. One option that is being considered is having a Dog Control Order which would require dogs to be on leads in certain areas - but this has to be balanced to make sure that responsible dog owners are not unfairly targetted to.

Noise from dogs in flats can also be a source of nuisance, and if you suspect that a dog is being neglected, the RSPCA can get involved. More details here.

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