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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Have your say on parking in Hackney

The council is asking residents and businesses to give their views on how parking policy is formed and how parking is enforced in Hackney for the next five years.

Many residents raise their concerns about parking, and this is an important opportunity to have your say. In particular, a number of key questions and issues are being considered:

  • Parking permits and vouchers for residents, businesses and visitors
  • How we enforce parking penalties
  • How we prioritise different types of vehicle and motorist
  • What we can do to free up parking space
  • How we manage parking for motorcycles
  • How we consult on controlled parking zones (CPZs)
  • How we match the hours of a CPZ to the local area.
You can read more here and complete the online survey here.

A drop-in session will take place on Wednesday 24 February at Stoke-Newington Library, 3 to 5pm.

Please contact us if you'd like us to make any points on your behalf.

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