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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Have your say on Kynaston Gardens

We have been campaigning for improvements to Kynaston Gardens as residents told us they wanted to see the park used more by local residents.

We worked hard to clear up Kynaston Avenue - getting the bins removed, and the graffiti sprayed off. We also supported residents in meetings with the Rochester Castle to address the noise and anti social behaviour from the pub's garden.

Groundwork are now consulting with residents about Kynaston Gardens and looking for your ideas on what you want to see happen there.

If you live nearby, hopefully you will have had a survey through your door, but this can also be filled in online


  1. I have seen the proposed plan of the gardens on the gate of Kynaston gardens. Why they want to move the Gate nearer to the back of a Resident's garden is beyond belief. these residents have been there a long time and to suddenly have noisy children right at the back of the garden wall would be very noisy, as it is they have to put up with the local drinkers. I have always loved that little garden for peace and quiet. there are other play areas for children on the common and behind SN Post office. In my opinion it just needs revamping a little and looked after properly. There is nothing wrong with the way it is now. Take into consideration the elderly people that live right next to the gardens. Leave it as it is

  2. Everyone agrees that we need to get rid of the drinkers from the gardens. If this could be achieved then many more people could enjoy the gardens. They are lovely but who wants to go in there with a bunch of mangey intimidating drinkers. I have lived on Dynvevor road for 3 years and have only used it once. I believe that a young childrens play ground would discourage the drinkers. Young children (under 5) are quieter than older children (who shout and run around more).
    A little cafe with a garden warden would help too. Or if it was an event space - such as a market space then that would discourage unwanted drinkers too. It sort of needs a constant member of staff who can vet who is in there. I passed the other day and the gates were locked and there was a drinker having a complete tantrum outside swearing and shouting and thumping the gates - They treat it like it is THEIR space. Made me really cross and sad that we, the tax paying residents, can not enjoy the space. Look forward to seeing how it is developed.

  3. Firstly, ban alcohol (& drug) use in the gardens and enforce it.
    Then (as other people have suggested), create a secondary use - cafe or mobile coffee shop - that will encourage the gardens to be used.
    It's been a no go zone for so long, that it will take something like that to get the community to use it...
    I walked past the gardens this morning with my kids on the to school at 9am. Already they were gathering...