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Friday, 8 January 2010

Further update on the icy conditions

We know that the pavements on side streets across Stoke Newington are very icy at the moment during the prolonged cold snap. Many residents have contacted us and raised their concerns about the situation.

We've spoken at length with Cllr Alan Laing, the Cabinet member on Hackney Council about this and he is fully aware of residents' frustrations and worries about elderly neighbours. As we explained in a previous post, the priority is to keep traffic moving, which means that main roads are prioritised for gritting - this is 40% of roads in Hackney. In an ideal world, all roads would be gritted, but difficult decisions do have to be made. Cllr Laing told us that in one case where street cleaners cleared one side of Hackney Road, it took over three hours for four men to complete this task. There are over 400km of pavements in Hackney so as you can appreciate, it is not possible to grit all side streets at present, and by clearing main roads, the Council has been able to keep public transport moving. Other London councils have not gritted and cleared the pavements on main roads as we have done in Hackney.

Please do contact us if there are particular problem areas and we will pass these on.

On Farleigh Road, neighbours have agreed between themselves to clear ice from outside their houses and put salt down to help make the pavements safer - a good example of helping each other out during this difficult time.

There are currently disruptions to waste collection services too - see here for further updates.

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