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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Boxing day parking in Hackney

You may have seen this story about how London councils are deciding on how to treat Boxing Day with respect to parking enforcement.

Boxing Day is normally a bank holiday in England, but due to it falling on a Saturday, it isn't actually a holiday, which is instead on the 28th.

As a result, the 33 London councils are taking different approaches to how they are planning on dealing with parking. Boroughs like Westminster will be enforcing parking restrictions as usual.

Hackney was going to be doing the same - until a discussion was led by Labour councillors with officers of the council and, as a result, the council has decided to extend the season of goodwill to include Boxing Day and so we will be treating the 26th of December as if it was a bank holiday - giving much greater freedom for people parking when they're visiting their friends and families.

1 comment:

  1. That's great news Louisa.
    A friend of mine got a ticket when he came to lunch today, because we forgot to put a visitor permit in his car! Who would have guessed traffic wardens would be tramping up and down Farleigh Road in the snow 4 days before Christmas!

    all best,