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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Satchmo's update

At the weekend, we attended another meeting with the management of Satchmo's and local residents.

Although there has been some progress since the last meeting, and new security staff are now in place, it appears that a number of conditions of Satchmo's license are still being breached, and residents are being disturbed in the early hours of the morning.

A further set of action points were agreed - and residents made it clear that the venue has to ensure it closes at 2am - as set out in the terms of its premises license. We will also be following up all the points that were raised at the meeting with the Council to make sure they are fully aware of residents' concerns. A commitment was made to continue to work together to try and ensure that the bar operates successfully but with more responsibility to those living nearby.


  1. Satchmo's bar is a very special venue. the name derive from Lou Armstrong famous trumpeter & singer for hello dolly, what a wonderful world etc.

    There has been complaints from Rita Krishna, Louisa Thomson, Muttalip Unluer and some residents & especially one resident. These people has a vendette against the the new managment who are Black's & Irish's people running this beautiful venue.

    They have only just take it over. This venue had been shut down due to the pervious owner who wanting to uses the venue as a strip tease and lapdancing joint.

    The new look in Satchmo's bar is one of the best in Stoke Newington. It offers a wide range of different types of music and have special events like birthday parties, comedy nites & conferences events and more. They have a wide selection of beverages which is the best I ever know in Stoke Newington venue & wonderful array of fresh flowers arrangements. The staffs are very friendly & come from different cultures. showing the diversity of the people.

    I must remind you this is a bar for people to come an enjoy, relax , play music & dances.

    However Rita Krishna, Louisa Thomson, Muttalip Unluer and some residents & especially one residents are fabricating their vendettes behaviour. that is not call for at all. this not the way to conduct your business. I find your attacks racists. You're the kind of people needs to check yourself & get a life. Stop try to blame your nastiest onto others people.

    This is what bars, pubs & nighlcubs & festivals do is play music and sell beverages. if Satchmo's bar was playing classical music you would not complain. Let people at Satchmo's bar get on in what they do best at. You're the very people who think that we should keep ourselves at home at watch tv. I want to go Satchmo's bar instant.

  2. In response to this - none of us are against the venue operating. What we are concerned about is that residents have contacted us saying that the venue has been opening beyond its licensed hours - we would have the same concerns about any venue in our ward that is in possible breach of the terms of its license. These restrictions are in place for a reason, often to balance the need for venues to run successful businesses with the right of those living nearby to not be disturbed at night.

    We have been impressed at the willingness of the management at Satchmo's to meet with local residents to discuss these concerns, and as the post above says, there was a commitment to work together to resolve the issues. We will support residents in keeping the dialogue open.

    And we're definitely not people who think that everyone should stay at home and watch TV - as I live locally, I also go out locally and enjoy the array of bars and restaurants that we're fortunate to have in this area. It's one of the many things that make Stoke Newington a great place to live.