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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tories say 'ask the public'

Last night was the monthly Full Council meeting at the Town Hall.

One of the items on the agenda was a motion condemning the recent fare increases on public transport from the Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The massive hikes include:

Raising the cost of a single bus fare by 20%, from £1 to £1.20

Raising the cost of a weekly bus pass by over 20%, from £13.80 to £16.60

Raising the cost of an off-peak tube journey from Hackney into central London by 12.5%, from £1.60 to £1.80

The latest TfL business plan also outlines plans to reduce bus routes.

In Hackney, we know that alongside walking, buses are the most popular mode of transport for residents, and in Stoke Newington Central where we have no train or tube stations in the ward, it's no exception.

The Mayor of London's fare increases will hit those in low paid jobs or part time work the hardest. In Hackney, we need more improvements to our bus routes - not a reduction.

During the debate in the Council chamber last night, the Tory group of councillors praised Boris's plans, and refused to stand up for Hackney residents. At one point the Leader of the Group said 'ask the public' what they think about the fare rises.

We're clear that the fare increases and cuts to bus routes will have a big impact on Hackney residents. What do you think?

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