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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Your policing priorities for Stoke Newington

At the Community Advisory Panel meeting with the local Safer Neighbourhod Team last night, residents learned that crime has fallen in Stoke Newington over the last two months.

We also saw figures from across Hackney which revealed considerable decreases in the number of bicycle thefts and robberies. The most common crimes in our ward are theft from people and criminal damage and the local police are working hard to address this. Your local ward councillors welcome all the hard work that the team do to engage with the community and keep our area safer.

Residents set priorities for the coming two months:
  • Anti social behaviour on Smalley Road Estate
  • Drug dealing on Somerford Estate
Residents on Smalley Road Estate have been experiencing ongoing problems with groups of young people gathering on the estate - the majority of whom do not live there. The police, Hackney Homes, Family Mosaic, the Youth Offending Team and the Anti Social Behaviour team are all working together to tackle these problems - with Acceptable Behaviour Agreements and referrals to other services that can help to address offending behaviour and signpost young people towards employment and training opportunities.

There was also a report back that a known drug dealer on Somerford estate had been evicted - with the police and Hackney Homes working together to help make life on the estate better for all residents.

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