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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sustainable Communities Act update

The deadline for councils to submit proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act was the 31st July. The Act empowers local councils to put forward ideas to improve the quality of life and the sustainability of their local areas.

As we've previously reported, the Labour administration in Hackney has consulted with residents over the use of the Act, and have now put in a submission which is aiming to tackle the concentration of betting shops on our high streets.

What happens next?

Nearly 300 proposals were submitted to the Local Government Association. The full list of proposals from councils all across the country are here.

The Local Government Association will draw up a list of proposals which will be submitted to Communities Secretary John Denham MP at the end of the year.

The Secretary of State will have the final say on what plans are given the go ahead.


  1. We congratulate Hackney Council for using the Sustainable Communities Act to submit a proposal to government for more powers regarding the concentration of betting shops. We encourage Hackney Council to use the Act at the next available opportunity to put forward more proposals, such as those made by other London Boroughs (these can all be viewed on the Local Government Association's website).

    There are two inaccuracies above. Firstly, the council does not just have a duty to 'consult' residents when using the Act but also a duty to 'try and reach agreement'. The Act's process is about governance by co-operation, not just consulation.

    Secondly, the Secretary of State (i.e. central government) does NOT have the final say on what plans are given the go ahead. The Act places a duty on the Secretary of State to 'try and reach agreement' with proposals that councils have made. This gives proposals that Hackney Council makes a real fighting chance.

    Steve Shaw
    National Co-ordinator
    Local Works (the campaign coalition behind the Sustainable Communities Act)
    P.S. also a Hackney resident

  2. Many thanks for this clarification, Steve