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Friday, 12 June 2009

Green issues update

New brighter and more energy efficient street lights are being trialled in Hackney using Light emitting diodes (LEDs). These burn for up to 100,000 hours - part of the Council's committment to provide more green and sustainable lighting. The lights will also help public safety and are being rolled out in areas where lighting is low.

This week also saw the installation of a blanket of greenery - sedum - (which is like everday grass) - on the roof top of a block on Frampton Park Estate. The added insulation will help cut energy costs and there will also be flowers during the summer months to improve the appearance of the block. Do you think any estates in Stoke Newington would benefit from something similar? Please get in touch with us if so.

Following up from the BeRecreative festival last Saturday, there are a number of useful information leaflets available from the Hackney Council to encourage recycling, composting and getting involved through the popular Green Champions scheme.

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