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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ever wondered what your councillors get up to in the Town Hall?

Last night was the monthly Full Council meeting at the Town Hall. Key policies are discussed and debated in the Council Chamber, and councillors can also question Cabinet members about local issues.

One of the key items on the agenda was the Local Development Framework Core Strategy which sets out a vision for future development in Hackney. This is an important statement of how to improve the quality of life for all residents in the Borough and has been subject to wide consultation locally.

The LDF includes many examples of improving the sustainability of Hackney including:
  • 1000 new homes a year up until 2018 (page 76)
  • all new buildings to be fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable (page 75)
  • enhancing local parks and green spaces (page 102)
  • supporting the local shops and businesses (page 59)
  • promoting cycling and walking (page 124)
  • improving recycling and minimising waste (page 109)
  • promoting biodiversity (page 82 and 103)
We were surprised that the one Green councillor on the Hackney Council admitted that she hadn't read the LDF document and then abstained in the vote - effectively failing to endorse all the above measures which are essential to the future of a greener and more sustainable Hackney.

If any local resident wants to keep up to date with the progress of the LDF - more information is here.

What issues did your SNC councillors raise at the meeting? Cllr Louisa Thomson asked a question about what the Council and Hackney Homes are doing to improve the energy efficiency of houses in Hackney. Cllr Sophie Linden, the Cabinet member for sustainability replied indicating that the Council is working hard locally with its partners on a variety of measures such as improving windows through the Decent Homes programme; tackling cavity wall insulation; and making grants available locally to make improvements.

Louisa also used the opportunity to flag up the work of
Transition Town Stoke Newington and their plans to showcase 15 houses and how residents can improve their energy efficiency. Cllr Linden welcomed this project and the importance of grassroots initiatives that are committed to bringing down energy use, and indicated that the Council would be keen to support this project in the future.

It was Cllr Muttalip Unluer's first Full Council meeting as Speaker - keeping the debate in order and making sure we get through all the items on the agenda.

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