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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Keeping Stoke Newington clean

We were recently contacted by some residents who were fed up with a patch of land at the end of their road being covered with litter. Following our intervention, the owner of the land has tidied up the problem spot and the area is now much clearer as you can see in the photo above.

There are 'hot spots' across the ward that do attract litter (see below for another patch that we're chasing to get cleared up). We need to all work together to help keep our area clean - so please do contact us if you want to report any litter, rubbish or anything else that is unsightly or causing a nuisance. Alternatively, you can contact the Council directly to report the problem:
  • To report fly tipping or fly posting, call the Enforcement team on 020 8356 4810
  • To report litter or graffiti call the Wasteline on 020 8356 6688
The service standard from the Council setting out what every resident can expect in terms of keeping our streets clean is here. You can also download the schedule which shows when each street in Hackney should be swept.

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